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Anke is a international speaker in building genuine connections, reading people, expending your network, finding your own authority and how you get to the core off people.

Anke’s is a Master in Body Language, Face-profling and how to influence people. These knowledge enables her to share valuable insights for creating authentic connections and self-awareness 

She demonstrates how science and intuition can be used to enhance your people skills. Not just by understanding it, but also how to effectively apply it in practice starting tomorrow.

She creates a safe and environment that encourages open dialogue and how to smile while looking at your own quirks. This allows her to give open feedback without making the participant feel disadvantaged. In fact, with this feedback, they can immediately make changes in their appearance or their interaction with others.

She is known as a humanizer because she helps participants see people at their core and beyond the ego.


“It is my mission to help people to look beyond the noise and truly see, hear and feel who the other person is. I want to teach people how to look at others from the inside out, rather than from the outside in starting with themselves.

In this way, people will be less likely to judge and condemn, but they will build meaningful relationships that not only benefit their work but also their lives.

I believe that the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life, both personally and professionally”.

Anke Lommen

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What others say

Anke’s passion and expertise are contagious, leaving you feeling enthusiastic and eager to absorb all the knowledge she has to offer. Her ability to captivate and inspire will make you want to soak up every bit of information she shares.

Maud Willems |Entrepreneur | time-management|

Her enthusiasm and expertise in body language help you see things in a completely different way. She guides you down certain paths that make you think, “Ah, that’s why this happens.”

Mark Hermans| Owner Web-sheperd

I met with Anke for a 1to1 coaching session. She gave me incredible tips and guidance on making shifts for me to have more authority in my business. I’ve applied she has taught me already and I’m already seeing the results. I’m eager to learn even more. She is a wealth of knowledge but also an amazing human being. I’m grateful our paths have crossed and to know that she will be near so I can continue to learn from one of the best.

Holly Hartmen |CMO: Head of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships I Learning & Development I Speaker I Consultant I Best Selling Author

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