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“”If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Booker T. Washington

In recent years, Anke has provided masterclasses and complete programs to companies such as Exodus, TedX Venlo, universities, Van der Landen, as well as political parties and many others. Anke is known for her tailor-made approach. By actively listening and asking questions, she advises on the trajectory that best suits the goals that need to be achieved. Sometimes the focus is more on coaching, and other times it is more on learning specific skills.

To give you some examples, here are the themes she coached and trained in:

    1. How to communication effective with body language
    2. How to speed-read customers and colleagues.
    3. How to build (back) trust
    4. How to expand one’s network
    5. How to be your own Authority
    6. How to positively influence people.
    7. How te lead yourself with personal Leadership
    8. How to deal with difficult customers.

      These are a few examples as Anke’s coaching and training expertise span a wide range of topics to cater to individual and organizational needs.


“”There is no such thing as a self-made man.

You will reach your goals only with the help of others.” 

George Shinn


Approach teams

Free Strategy session

Book a free session so that I can interview members of the team to provide advice on which personalized program suits your team and resources best. 


Begin with the end in mind. We will discuss concrete goals that we want to achieve through coaching or teaching.


We work on gaining insights, knowledge, and skills to help achieve the teamgoals. We will do this using a variety of practical exercises and methods.


We will make customized agreements on how to continue applying and integrating the benefits of achieving our goal into daily practice.

Collaborated with:

During the in-company training sessions for our 60 employees, she convinced the “hesitant ones” of their own strength and empowered the “convincingly self-confident” ones even further. Anke is a true self-made woman with a wealth of life experience, multiple studies, and strong self-reflection.

Frank Huizenaar | Director and co-owner of Huizenaar Kappers

What if a client says one thing but radiates something different? Thanks to Anke, I can interpret the signals well and therefore act better. Her workshop on face profiling provides a solid foundation that you can build upon.

Esther Natar CEO Contentagency

Before I started working on my personal development with Anke as an entrepreneur, I found it challenging to find a good balance between work and personal life and to set my boundaries. Now that I have completed the program, I am more aware of my pitfalls and patterns and have gained insights that help me make the right decisions for myself.

I highly recommend a personal program with Anke because she helps you see your patterns and pitfalls in a pleasant way while providing you with tools to transform them. Anke possesses a wealth of knowledge that she gladly shares with you.

Currently, two of my colleagues are attending the “Connecting with Your Customer” course with Anke, and they speak highly of her as well. I would say, give Anke a call, have a cup of coffee together, and experience her positive vibe!

CEO, Kim & Co Interior Architecture

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