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What is the key to connection?

The world is currently experiencing rapid and profound changes, especially with the rise of AI, ushering in a new era. However, one constant remains irreplaceable: authentic human connection. True connection makes your life and work not only more successful but also more meaningful.

Thats why it’s odd that we often leave our communication and understanding others to chance. We tend to overestimate how well we understand people and how easily understandable we are ourselves, leading to missed opportunities, attracting the wrong people, or unnecessary conflicts.

It’s a pity, as it’s entirely avoidable. The key to connection lies in understanding the other person and yourself at a deeper level, starting with recognizing what someone isn’t saying and becoming aware of your own unconscious patterns.

Anke Lommen can help you get to know yourself better and improve how you convey your message in conversations and on stage. She can teach you the skill of speed-reading, enabling you to see what drives someone and what they need to confidently build a relationship.”

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Expert in reading people

Anke Lommen is a versatile and passionate professional who approaches understanding the human being in a unique and profound way. She sees the person and teaches others to view the individual from a holistic perspective by recognizing the meaning behind body language, external characteristics, and word choice. This information helps you see what lies beneath the surface of individuals, such as how they truly feel, what they think, what their personality is, and what motivates them.

As a senior communication trainer and leadership coach, Anke has distinguished herself by helping others apply these profound insights in their professional and personal relationships. Her approach goes beyond superficial communication – she believes in the importance of “hearing what is not being said,” as the wise Peter Drucker once noted. Anke understands that communication is more than just words; it encompasses the rich world of non-verbal signals and unconscious decision-making.

In 2019, Anke developed the “Face, Body, and Mind” method, a holistic system that combines body language, appearance, language, and mindset to gain a deep understanding of others. With this method, she can not only decipher the surface of emotions but also grasp the core of personality traits and motivations. Anke is dedicated to sharing this valuable knowledge and helping others enhance their ability to understand people from a holistic perspective.

While Anke currently resides in Louisville, she plans to return to the Netherlands in 2024. Her move enabled her to successfully realize her own project. Within just 8 weeks, she built a strong network and began conducting inspiring training and coaching sessions. Anke is a visionary in her field and remains committed to helping others understand and improve their personal and professional relationships.

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"People will not remember you for what you said but they will forever remember you for the feeling you gave them while saying it."

Anke Lommen




“People choose coaching for various reasons. Essentially, it boils down to wanting more connection with oneself or others:

Presenting yourself in any situation with self-confidence.

Be your own authority.

Know how to transform resistance into collaboration.

Trust your intuition

Build a network and make friends

Groups and teams

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If you want to learn more about reading people, the things you do unconsciously, how to make connections? Than you need to have a conversation with Anke.

Her unique combination of knowledge is unparalleled in this world and will not only make your work relationships more fulfilling but also enhance your personal relationships.


What others say

I met with Anke for a 1to1 coaching session. She gave me incredible tips and guidance on making shifts for me to have more authority in my business. I’ve applied she has taught me already and I’m already seeing the results. I’m eager to learn even more. She is a wealth of knowledge but also an amazing human being. I’m grateful our paths have crossed and to know that she will be near so I can continue to learn from one of the best.

Holly Hartmen |CMO: Head of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships I Learning & Development I Speaker I Consultant I Best Selling Author

I have gained more respect for others and can now better assess what they do or do not need. This has had an immediate impact on my current job. I apply this knowledge on a daily basis and reap the benefits from it.

Sjoerd Reijmer | Director Global Forwarding | Overseas | Seacon Logistics

Anke’s passion and expertise are contagious, leaving you feeling enthusiastic and eager to absorb all the knowledge she has to offer. Her ability to captivate and inspire will make you want to soak up every bit of information she shares.

Maud Willems |Entrepreneur | time-management|

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